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      • X Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej

        31-148 Kraków, ul. Wróblewskiego 8
        tel./fax +48 12/633-11-97, tel. +48 12/633-77-77
        e-mail : lox@x-lo.krakow.pl

        Principal: mgr Tamara Cieśla

        Founded over 60 years ago, X Liceum is a school open to challenges of the new times. It was awarded Medal of the National Education Commission and the silver medal Cracow – European City of Culture. The school has enjoyed popularity thanks to a high level of education confirmed by high results of external matriculation examination, attractive school life, friendly atmosphere, good location and pupils’ safety.

        We have modern facilities and a wide range of extra-curricular activities, aimed at pupils who want to continue their learning at university or develop their talents and interests. We are a friendly school which combines tradition with modernity.

        The main emphasis is placed on thorough preparation of pupils for the matriculation examination which will enable them to study at university. Results achieved by our graduates at the matriculation examination are high, far exceeding the average results in Lesser Poland. It is equally important for us to show young people the way of individual development, prepare them to undertake various challenges, accept social roles and promote humanitarianism.


        The school houses 20 big classrooms, well-equipped laboratories with computer terminals, full-size gymnasium, table-tennis room, main hall with the stage, modern library with multi-media centre, two modern computer classrooms, canteen and photocopier. Teachers and pupils have at their disposal a variety of educational aids, including audio-visual equipment, video microscope, multimedia projectors, telescope,  interactive whiteboards and a permanent access to the Internet.

        Pastoral care

        The psychologist and educator alongside the teaching staff support pupils and help achieve their potential. They also   advise them on their future career. Young people have an opportunity to get involved in charity and voluntary work. Students in difficult financial situation are provided with financial help from European or social grants as well as support of Parents’ Association.

        Foreign contacts

        The school takes pride in its long tradition of relations with foreign schools which facilitate foreign language learning and broaden the knowledge of culture of other countries. We organize trips to Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine  as well as exchanges with schools in Germany and Italy participating in international interdisciplinary projects. Pupils involved in them undertake academic and artistic activities in cooperation with peers from partner schools. For several years our pupils have taken part in European Youth Forum which enables them to perfect their language skills while creating common projects during photography, music, press, dance and theatre workshops.


        Our pupils achieve success in school Olympics, interschool math competition, photography, poetic and recitation contests, competition for the best computer program, first aid and sports competitions.

        Extracurricular activities

        The school provides an opportunity to develop pupils’ interests and talents by engaging them in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. We offer e.g. theatre, film, poetry clubs, and extra classes aimed at preparing pupils for the matriculation examination. This year  the school choir was created. We also pay special attention to pupils with learning difficulties, for whom we organize additional classes in particular subjects. Pupils can take part in sport and recreation. The activities currently offered encompass a range of sports including basketball, volleyball, football, aerobics, zumba fitness and swimming. In winter our students participate in skiing and snowboarding competitions. We also organize numerous outings to the theatre, cinema and museums, camps and field trips. Thanks to cooperation with Cracow’s universities  pupils have an opportunity to attend  university lectures, participate in classes and scientific demonstrations.

        Pupils work in school Caritas group, they actively support and cooperate with various charity organizations, like a Hospice, Children’s Home, Old People’s Home, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, etc.

        Pupils’ Council

        Members of Pupils Council organize a lot of school competitions, initiate charity actions, inspire pupils to take up new initiatives. Every year they attend a training session which prepares them to plan and accomplish their tasks. Pupils Council represents our school in city and district councils. Its representative is a member of Youth District Council.


        Excellent location of the school enables pupils to commute easily from the suburbs or vicinity of Cracow. There are tram stops close to the school, and the railway station is within a walking distance.

        Anna Potępa